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I feel nothing for you.

I feel nothing for you.

When you left it sure hurt, I couldn’t get you off my mind no matter how
Hard I tried to try. everything was so dark and I just cried and cried and
Cried. you broke my heart and didn’t care and at first the pain was almost
Too much to bare.

I got angry, yes, I got mad, yes, because you lied to me and walked away
From me. you made me sad and crushed my heart. I felt like a idiot for trusting
You, for believing you, and for loving you and letting you rip my world apart, but
Now I know we’re done.

I know it’s over, I know this is true, and I’m finally ready to move on. I no
Longer hurt over losing you, because my love for you is finally gone. I feel
Nothing for you anymore. I feel no anger, I feel no sadness, I feel no yearning
For you anymore, but I do truly wish you happiness.

I’m done it’s through I at last got over you and the feelings have finally left
And went away but still yet I find your memories keeping me company
By T.J. Tom
Edited on 9/7/2013

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I yearn for you.

I yearn for you.

My heart is beating faster with every kiss you give me,
I feel a wave of pleasure run down my spine with every touch, and
My mind is screaming so loud that I swear you can hear it.,
But then I hear the ringing of my alarm clock
And I’m pulled out of my beautiful dream once again.

It’s a beautiful dream indeed but it’s a dream that will never come
True no matter how many times it plays
Over and over in my tormented mind.
Like my favorite song this dream is on repeat.
I know this dream will never
be true but I still think about it.

Over and over again my beautifully twisted mind plays it to me.
My mind keeps feeding me lies by telling me you might feel
The same for me as I fhave felt for you all these years.
I think about you not loving me and
As I think about this the pain is so great that
I scream aloud,
“Why do you do this to me?!”.
There are salty tears running down my face now,
“Why must I feel this way?
Why does everyone reject me?
Am I not good enough?
Am…am I simply not worth their time?!
What is wrong with me?!”

I feel like I’m going crazy as I’m
Down on my knees crying and
Screaming for these thoughts
To just go away when suddenly
I feel a touch on my shoulder.

I turn around and with my tear stained eyes I see you.
You kneel down beside me and say,
“It’s okay hun.
You don’t have to cry anymore.
I love you too
And trust me when I say
That you are more than good enough for me”.
We then embrace each other and you kiss away all my tears
And chase away my sadness and for the first time in my long,
Miserable, waste of a life,
I feel happy.
I never want this moment to end.

My alarm goes off once again though, and
I am forced back into the real world.
I’m forced to live in this terrible nightmare where you and
I can never be together.
You don’t even know I am alive.
But still yet I will spend the rest of my life, no,
I will spend the rest of eternity
Yearning for you, yearning for something that I will
Never be able to have.

I will yearn for
You, and only you, because
Wanting you and chasing after these
Hopeless thoughts running through my
Head every day and night gives me hope
And it gives me a reason to live.
These delusions give me something
That reality can’t.
These delusions give me
You and all these years that’s all I have ever

It’s a beautiful dream indeed but it’s a dream that will never come
True no matter how many times it plays
Over and over in my tormented mind.
By T.J. Tom
9/23/2013 edited a little on 9/24/2013

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It wasn’t you.

It wasn’t you.

I know I am going to miss you, I know I will always care about you.
You mean so much to me, but I have to get over you, because for reasons
I can’t say I understand you decided to break up with me. It hurt.
It hurt more then it should have, because truth be told I about
Halfway expected it, but in the back of my mind I guess believed you.

I believed you when you said you wouldn’t hurt me I believed you when you
Said that you wouldn’t break up with me. I was stupid for believing that. In
The end someone always gets hurt. but atleast the one who
Got hurt wasn’t you. I’m glad it was me, and not you that got hurt.
You said goodbye to me and I just have to move on and get over it.
I want you back, yes I want you back, but it’s best for me and it’s
Best for you that I don’t, because in the end someone always gets hurt.

By T.J. Tom

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Memories, at times they warm me like a warm blanket on a cold winters night.
But these memories also can be as cold as ice and be like a dagger to the heart.
I lay in bed and ponder memories and feel a mix of cold and warm.

I feel a mix of both love and hate, sadness and happiness, joy and despair.
These memories make me smile and take me to something that seems like
Another world. a place I haven’t been in for far too long. I close my brown eyes
And smile as I ponder these thoughts that I let flow through my head like
Water down a river.

I get taken back to a time not so long ago. I get taken back to a time when I was
Truly happy. I get taken “home” so to speak. my thinking is interrupted by a clap
Of thunder and I am brought back to reality once more.

The thought that these memories will never be real again and the thought that
They have to remain memories is almost too much to take. I burst out crying and
Ask why. “why must good things come to a end? why can’t I just stay lost in these
Memories, these moments of time forever?!” then, as I am crying and hurting, I
Hear a unexplained voice say in almost a whisper, “so more memories can be made.”

I felt something close to peace then, and with that I smiled and laid back down with a
Different point of view. you know, in the end memories are all you’re left with, so go out and Make good memories and don’t let life keep you down long.

By T.J. Tom

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My fate

My fate

Thoughts running through my head as fast as lightning,
I’m sweating from every pore of my body, my hands are
shaking, my mouth is dry, this is the end. I’m going to die.
I drop to my knees, I’m begging her please just let me live!
What do I have to give?!

Then I see you enter the room, lord this is my doom, I am
down on my knees, I’m begging you please just spare me,
SPARE me! But you just smile and put that knife through
my heart, and start ripping me apart.

I let you in my life, I trusted you true. OH GOD I need help!
What can I do? As she stabs and stabs away at me, I start to
lose the feeling and the love turns to hate. THIS ISN’T MY FATE!

I pull myself off the ground. You can’t believe your eyes, you hurt
me so bad, how could I not die! I look at your face, oh what a

I say, “I am done with you, you can’t hurt me no more.”
I’m up off the floor and walking out of your life through the
door that you created. Created by hurting me, so no longer
will I suffer, and no longer will I bleed.

By T.J. Tom

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My mind knows.

My mind knows.

So, we’re friends. that’s all we can be right? just friends. well my
Mind knows this cold truth but yet it keeps taunting me, teasing me,
With these hopeless delusions that maybe you might like me more
Than that.

My mind knows that we can only be friends and I guess I have to
Be okay with that, but I will not lie and say that I don’t want to be
With you, because I do. we are friends but I guess somewhere
Down the road my feelings took a wrong turn and somehow, even
Knowing that you are way out of my league and even knowing you
Could never feel the same for a guy like me knowing all this is true,
Somehow I have fallen for you.

I have become the victim of yet another hopeless crush on someone
I don’t stand a chance with. I shouldn’t feel this way, for feelings fade
In time, but that doesn’t stop my mind from taunting me with these
Delusions that maybe you might feel the same.

By T.J. Tom
9/6/2013 edited on 9/7/2013

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Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you for the memories, thank you for the good times. thank
You for the smiles, thank you for the kisses, thank you for the hugs,
And thank you for being there for me and listening to me when I was
Sad, but most of all thank you for the heartbreak.

Yes, you read that right, the heartbreak. you left me and I will admit
At first I wasn’t very grateful at all. I wanted you back, I wanted you
To love me still. losing you may have hurt like hell at first and, I’m not
Going to lie, it drove me a little crazy. but now, looking back, I am glad
You broke my heart because you hurting me made me stronger, wiser,
And it made me an all around better person.

I seen your true colors, I seen that I was just another guy on your list. I
Do believe now that (maybe) you loved me at one point or another, but
Those feelings just went away and there is nothing at all that I can do about
That and I’m okay with that now.

It took me a bit, but I finally got over you. I am no longer a prisoner to
My own emotions and I no longer love you or care about you. the only
Thing I do feel is thankfully. I am thankful for the experience and the heartbreak
So to you, I say, thank you.

By T.J. Tom
9/5/2013, edited on 9/7/2013